unidentified object

I needed to retrieve something from an old friend I hadn't talked to in a while. One evening, I figured he'd be sleeping at his girlfriend's house, so I decided to go over in the middle of the night to grab it. Luckily, he always leaves his house unlocked. Now, I can't tell you why this object was was so desirable or why I couldn't just call him and ask for it. But logic just doesn't apply during REM, now does it?

I let myself in, walked up the stairs, and began my search. I found the object. I took a call on my mobile. No clue why I was getting a call at four in the morning, or why I bothered to answer it, but I did. On the way out, I found a pair of my shorts I didn't remember leaving there. No matter, I grabbed them and made my exit. The door slammed. I ended my call. I began walking down the driveway, over to the parking lot where my little blue Subaru GL was. But then the front door creaked. I crouched down and peered through the bushes. Damn, it was the downstairs neighbor (and mother of one of the kids whose apartment I'd just been in). I couldn't get to the car without being seen, and it was late, so there wasn't really any place else I could go without obviously having been the person who just left their house. In my panic ... I woke up.

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